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Group Descriptions

Group Descriptions

Chaplain – Responsible for all pastoral and financial matters of the Mission.

Secretary – Responsible for all clerical tasks.

Finance Council – Assists the Chaplain in dealing with all financial matters of the Mission.

Pastoral Council – Comprised of representatives of the different groups of the Mission.  It assists the Chaplain in planning, co-ordinating, developing, and improving various pastoral programs.

President of the Pastoral Council – Assists the Chaplain in carrying out various matters of the Mission.

Liturgical Group – Comprised of various ministries.

  • Altar Servers – Assist the priest at Mass.  Through specific ceremonies and rituals, they engage the faithful to actively participate in liturgy.
  • Choir – Leads the faithful in praising God with hymns during Mass and other liturgical services.
  • Ministers of the Word – Proclaim the Scripture during Mass and other liturgies. They are responsible for reading the First and Second readings, the Prayers of the Faithful, and making announcements before and after Mass.
  • Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers – Assist the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful.
  • Martha Group – Responsible for assisting at the rite of Christian burial (vigil, funeral, prayers at the graveside).  They pray for the faithful departed and support families in their time of mourning.

Spirituality Group – Promotes the spiritual life of the Mission.

  • Prayer Group
  • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) – Offers classes on Catholic catechism in Cantonese to adult catechumens to prepare them to receive the Sacraments of Initiation.
  • RCIC (Rite of Catechism Initiation for Children) – Children learn about Catholic catechism through songs, stories, crafts and other activities.
  • Spirituality Events – Organizes pilgrimages, retreats, workshops, etc.

Hospitality Group – Comprised of various subgroups to serve the Mission.

  • Ushers Group – Ushers greet and assist the faithful before and after Mass, maintain order and collect offerings.
  • Reception – Answers inquiries and do registrations for various activities.
  • Sunday Tea Reception – Prepares tea reception after Sunday Mass.
  • Audio-Visual Group – Responsible for all audio-visual equipment needed in activities of the Mission.
  • Photography Group – Takes pictures of various activities and functions of the Mission.
  • Care Group – Through various educational talks and home visits, Care Group promotes mutual care and support to our brothers and sisters of the Mission.

 Editorial Group – Responsible for maintaining Mission website, producing weekly bulletin and Voices of SHCCM.

  • Parish Weekly Bulletin – Provides weekly information including Saints of the Week, Readings of the Week, Announcements and Special Prayer intentions.
  • Voice of SHCCM – Published under the guidance of the Chaplain, is an evangelical journal which serves as a platform for the faithful to share their faith journeys.
  • Website –  Maintains up-to-date information on the Mission as a channel for connecting with the faithful.

Recreation Group – Plans various recreational activities and coordinates different groups to participate in them.

  • Young Adult Group – Connects young adults together and supports the growth of the Mission.
  • Celebration / Special Events – Celebrations at Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Mission Anniversary Day, etc.
  • Tai Chi Group
  • Morning Exercise Group

 Support Group – Assists the Chaplain in handling tedious/emergency affairs of the Mission.

Updated on: 2023.3.13

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